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I’m back in Wellfleet after a few days off-Cape visiting one of my kids in Maine.  My drive started just fine – I sailed out Rte. 6 and over the Sagamore Bridge.   Then I sat on the highway south of Boston due to a car accident, on the highway south of the tolls going into Maine because of a car accident, and then on the highway south of Portland due to…a car accident.  Roadside wrecks.  You’d think people were having trouble driving and texting.  What should have been a 5 ½-hour drive took almost 9 hours.  Rescue workers and police had so much trouble clearing the last jam that I had time to finish a crossword puzzle.  And I’m not that fast at crossword puzzles.

The drive got me thinking about transportation and the Outer Cape.  How did routes 6 and 6A come to be?  When were they paved, and who paved them?  What about the Cape Cod Canal?  Who dug it?  And the bridges?  Who built them?  Long-time residents may know the answers to many of my questions, but I don’t, so I’m reading a handful of books this week to learn more.  Today I’m skimming William James Reid’s privately printed 1961 work, “The Building of the Cape Cod Canal.”  Nifty photos.  I’ll be posting to share what I glean.

I’m interested in transportation nowadays, too, and want to understand better the role cars play on the Outer Cape.  Is anybody living car-free in the Outer Space who’d like to talk with a trusty radio reporter?  Anybody who rides The Flex or the ferry and wants to talk?  Send me your thoughts, reading suggestions, or offers of conversation through “comments.”


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