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Dear Tobey,

Sorry I was Off Cape when you visited Provincetown last week.  Had I known you’d be accompanying your person, I’d have stuck around and given you a tour of the fire hydrants.  Next time.

First things first: I like your snazzy red collar, but I’m not sure how I feel about the governor not wearing one, too.  The white T/blue striped polo combo confused me.  My person says we should spiff up for important events. She makes her male people put on neckties, which they don’t much like, but I tell ’em, hey, try wearing a pinch collar.  Didn’t Governor Patrick think coming to P’town was important?  Or was he just thinking something like: Casual Friday Lobster Roll Salt Water Taffy Penuche Vanilla Chocolate Softserve Swirl?

I mean, Governor Patrick sounded pretty serious about problems on the Outer Cape when my person and I watched the YouTube video of him answering a bunch of questions from serious people with what seemed like serious concerns.  He used words like “marvelous” and “charming” when he was talking about home rule, but maybe he was really just thinking something like: Striper Season Started Two Weeks Ago!

I’m really glad the governor wanted to talk about the “creative economy,” but I was wondering if what he really meant was “create an economy.”  You know, the kind of economy that brings in kibble in January, not just July?  The kind of economy that doesn’t need seasonal workers and supports dogs and their people year-round?  The kind of economy where the phones and computers work all the time?  The kind of economy that makes people sit’n’stay’n’wear neckties?

Well, pup, send me a peemail next time you’ll be out.  I’ll meet you at Twisted Sister for a vanilla cone, and then we can head to the Bark Park.

Wags –



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